Bible Study On Living For Christ Alone

Jesus had to die to give us the Holy Spirit. Which is Gods eternal salvation for all.

Live worthy of Jesus sacrifice 2 Cor 5-15. We should stop living for ourselves and living for Jesus. Cos we shall put Jesus as the centre.

John 8:28-29 Jesus is always with me, cos I always does thing that pleases him. If we do not have the life of Christ,  we do not belong to him. 

Jesus says it’s the Father in me doing the work. We should say that it’s Jesus in me doing the work.

We are all a new creation in Christ Jesus. It’s the life and strength of God in us that does all the work.

We do not regard anyone according to the flesh even Jesus. Cos He died and rose again and becomes the Holy Spirit of God that is life giving.

All thing of God is a new a creation. For our sake, God make Him sin for which He know none of. In order to die for our sake to delivery us from our sins.

Peter got out of the boat and the walked on water.  Cos he worked on Jesus’s word Come. Thus we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.

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