Bible Study On The Promise Of God

The Promise Of God

Everything starts with a promise. Whether wealth,  companion,  healing.
Word of God will never fail, cos God is not a liar unlike the Son of man. The  promises will come to pass within your life time.

Matt 14:2 Jesus was moved with compassion. Thus they were healed.

People can have pity or sympathize, nothing will happen. But when God is compassion,  transformation will happen.

They hunger for God, despair and desparate will attract God’s compassion. Matt 18:24 desparate people all received healing.

Acts 10:38 how God annoited Jesus with Holy Spirit and Power.  Many people have the Holy Spirit but without power. Cos they have not gone through prayer and fasting.

Miracles proves that our God is a living God and God is with us. God approves of you by giving you miracles in your life.

We serve a bigger God and the size of the man is bigger than any problems. Cos the Holy Spirit within you is the Lion of Juddah.

God is God,  he will approve you with miracle,  science and wonder. In order for you to disprove your enemies. So that you can be a testimony of his glory.

Sickness does not come from God but from the devil and demon. Most sickness are demonic possession.

It’s God annoiting that will break all yok and all burden of bondages and set you free. 

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