Bible Study On Impact Of God’s Presence In Our Lives

Peter and his friends were fishing but they caught nothing whole night until Jesus were with them.

We are created in the image of God. And we were meant to have dominion and mastery. And created to be fruitful and also a good stewards of His resources.

We cannot be on his image without spending time with God. To have quantity and quality time with God.¬† As a result we will be annoited with God’s power. You have the power to command your body including guarding¬†sickness.

Jesus was very different from the Messiah they expected. But without the presence of Messiah in you, you cannot do anything. Without the presence of God, the gift cannot materialize and transformed into greatness.

When you seek God,  God will impact you in many ways. And people who move in intimate with God, they will have the revelations of God and command.

When the presence of God is with you, not only devil will bow and you will have everything. Your presence is heaven to me.