Bible Study On Avoiding Temptations

Know that temptations will come again.  CF 10. Pontiphars wife spoke to Joseph day to day,  but he refuse to sleep with her as he refuse to do wicket and sin against God.

Guide Our heart, so that your head does not run ahead of your heart. Instead of sing it as opportunity see it as offence against God.

We do not want to do anything to hide our sins but continue to walk right. If sinned is better to repent so that the blessings and  glorious of God flow through us.

As a rightous wanting to do honesty and integrity. We need must always be aware of devil scheming in v.11. Spin doctor at work in v.13-18. People believe in spin v.19-20.

In the face of adversity,  God has never left Joseph and has made him in charge of the prison. v.20-23

Heb 13:5-6 Never have i leave you or never will i forsake you.  Cos my God is my Helper. I will not be afraid what man can do to us. To walk in righteousness,  we need to live free from the love of money and be contented.