Bible Study on Building A Strong Godly Foundation In Christ Jesus For A Better Generation In Waiting For Better Things To Come according to Hebrews 11:40

The better generations are yet to come, we will never become it the better generation. Of course I am not here to demean our generation or our older generations, as they have already proven themselves in the past and are well respected generation. It is a for better type of analogy, where the older generations will always pale in comparison to them, as they will be more spirited and God obeying than us. We the current generation are just an advertisement, a role model, an inspiration to them. The future generations are our better generations and our true heroes to come as proven by God as seen in Hebrews: 11. 40. God having provided some better thing concerning us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect. Something better in Hebrews means Jesus that we pass on to the next generation. Is not a comparison of what we can do or what other cannot do. We cannot compare one generation with another as it is unfair. Every generations have a unique grace that make all generations harmonious. So the question is what is the role of parents needs to be and the parental control over our future generation as advised in the Holy Bible?

The difference between the rich and the wealthy, is that wealthy people know how to earn their own money but the rich does not have the ability to earn own money but know how to spend their inherited money. Hence, some children of the wealthy have been spoilt in virtue and stature and become useless consumer of our society. If currently we are well to do in our business, career and profession, we should take up the responsibility to educate and teach them the correct God’s way and live in the newness of life that Jesus offers.

If you wants the future generation to be a champion, we need to teach them to become better and accomplish greater things. However some generation have left their unfinished homework, filth and problems to their younger generation I.e. divorce, it will be unfair to them because it will change them forever. We have been brought into this world to do things other saints cannot do for our generation. In actual fact God does not need us to help him. He is giving us a chance to pass the blessings of Jesus on. The greatest treasures to pass on to your children are not your worldly treasures and inheritance but the grace, love and blessings of God through Christ Jesus. We should not bride our children with worldly presents but invest in our children with our presence. Instead give them a good childhood, happy marriage, God assured confidence and self righteousness that God is in front and behind so as they may carry on after we are gone.

Young generation’s vision is needed to fulfilled the older generation’s dreams and aspirations. God will gives us some keys of grace to us all. But the keys to the solution of our lives lies in the hands of the future generations. Do not underestimate our future generations, as our success of our lifetime cannot be measured against ourselves, we envision our children and at the same time we must teach and educate them. We do not determine your children’s destiny, we only facilitate and stir them on the right course.

We build a good foundation, we get a strong building. We need to pass Jesus in the purest form so that the future generations do not have to pay the price. Even they need to pay a price, they doing for the next generation, at least there is advancement in the Kingdom of God and not a deficit in God’s grace. Let’s build a strong and firm foundation of God in Christ Jesus for our future generations.

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