Bible Study on Cleansing Our Generational Inequities And Past Transgressions In The Purest Blood Of Christ Jesus according to Psalm 51:5

Iniquities in the nations needs to be healed through solidarity and prayer to God for help. We pray to God to wash us clean of all of our inequities. Some tribes, nations and generations are clouded in many layers of inequities, inhumanity, cruelty, brutality, impurity and unholiness, which may or may not be of our knowledge, own freewill and actions. King David is also a descendant from lineage of inequities according to the Holy Bible. His mother, grand mother and great grand mother were prostitutes as seen in Psalm: 51. 5. Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity; And in sin did my mother conceive me.

We have to deal with the foundations of inequities, as this will cause sickness and demons to come into our body. The devil belong to a different realm, we need to clean our soul from all evil elements and prevent it from invading our bodies. Some of these inequities can prevent blessings from flowing into our lives and allow sicknesses and infirmities to enter into and harm our vessel. After leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the wilderness, Moses went to Mount Hor to pray. He met his Levite brother Aaron, whom missed the opportunity to bring their people to enter the promised land; due to the disobedience and fear of their people as recorded in the book of Exodus. It was through His prayer, that Moses’s next generation led by Joshua finally entered into the land of Jordan as seen in the book of Joshua.

We need to immediately deal with our past transgressions and generation inequities and enforce it in the purest of blood of Christ Jesus. First we need to confess and repent of our past sins of all commissions, omissions and inobedient, rebellious, idol / devil worship, pornography, polygamy, incest, adultery, lusts and abortion.

Second we ask to wash us, purify us and restore us of all  transgressions and iniquities in my family by Jesus precious blood. For the blood shed in my blood line, I repent for all the sins and stand in the altar of the lamb, wash us from all jealousy, hypocrisy, inward paths. We need to declare that all demons, witchcraft, demonic oppression, power of darkness, demonic possession and demonic powers are cast away.

Third, we need to reject and denounce of all forms of sicknesses, pains, incurable illnesses and infirmities in the name of the precious blood of the lamb for there is healing power in Christ Jesus. In God we bind the power of darkness and the enemy, to be crushed and be lose in the name of Christ Jesus and let release God’s annointing and healing upon us.

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