Bible Study On Discipleship

Go make diciples of all nations (Matt 38:19)
Imitate me (1Cor 11:1) and you also become Imitators of us & Lord (1 Theo1:6)

Theology of Discipleship

A. What Are Disciples
Character of a disciples
Of You abide in me (John 8:31)
By living one another, you will be known to be my Diciples (John13:35)
If you abide in me and my words abide in you. So you will be my disciple (John15:7)

B. How to Enter Discipleship

1) Relationship & Submission
– Jesus as model of diciples,  had personal relationship with his diciples.
– Building trust through making life together.
– Accountable & open for teaching & correction.
2 way relationship & amount of time spent in relationship.

2) Resemblance of Dicipler (1Cor11:1)

3) Replication ( 2Tim2:2)
Target of  Discipleship
is to be perfect.

Testimony of Discipleship
Two is better than one

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