Bible Study On Leaving A Worthwhile Legacy In Your Life

Only one life to live, till soon be past, but not without serving God. Pass It On! What will I pass on?

Spiritual Blessing Above Wordly Success Gen 48:15-16

– Jacob hopes to Influence future events by faith
– Joseph leaves a legacy of hope in God’s promise
– A most unusual request Gen 50:24-26 Heb 11:22 I am about to die,  God will surely come to your aid and bring your out of this land to the land promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

When Joseph end was near, he spoke about the exodus of the Iraelites from Egypt and requested to “take my bones with you” and bury with my Fathers. Heb 11:22. Joseph was embalmed in a coffin in Egypt.

Moses took the Josephs bones when they left Egypt. Josephs bones were buried in Shechem. Josh 24:32

Seeing others could not see.  Gen 50:24, Ex 13:19, Josh 24:33, Phil 3:20

Jacob’s Legacy Was To Blessed His Grandsons.

Gen 48:8-9 bring them to me so that I can bless them.

Gen 48:10-16 may God bless those boys, may they be blessed in my name and the names of Abraham or Isaac. And may they increase greatly on this earth.

Heb 11:21 when he was dying, he blessed each of Joseph’s sons

Gen 50:22-26 God will surely come to your aid.

Chose for yourselves won will you serve.  For me and my family is to serve the Lord.

It is finished.  John 29:30. A good man leaves an inheritance for his children children. Prov 13:22

Legacy of the unapplauded Col 4. A faithful servant, an encourager, a caring and loving,  a servant and prayer warrior.