Bible Study on Market Place Sharing Of Godly Values And Making A Stand For Your Unique Position In The Market Place according to Colossians 3:23

Jesus is a great relator and uses every opportunities to connect to people I.e. the Roman tax collector that reaps people or the woman at the well. People like to be connected to us if we show love to others. For Jesus is the God of relationships and love. And the riches people in the world is not with the most money, titles, positions and possession wealth are often the lowest ranked in the Kingdom of God. So how do we build relationships in the market place?

We live in a highly competitive world and everyone tries to fish for others people ego. Building relationship is the glue that brings people and families together. In the market place we need to embassadors by impressing others from far and impacting others close by. By building relationships with others, we can have the trust and passport to share the gospel to others. Building relationships is about making a point to share your life, your food and your joys with your colleagues and associates. In the end it involves transforming others people’s life. We must never mistreat our directors, colleagues and staffs and even trainees because in the end bad business relationships will erodes profitability and revenues.

Building relationships with others can be messy. Alot of times people are not willing to reveal their true self to you. Often we might find difficult person are the ones that are doing the most well. In order to start, we need to be sincere, transparent, open and truthful communication, uphold integrity and deliver beyond what was promised.

Sometimes we have to deal with conflicts, but we need to part well with others if cannot resolve the conflict. We need to preserve their dignity and preserve good relationships above all conflicts. Even it is councilling and facing the consequences, we need to separate the values from the acts of the fault and still respect the other side. Because it is the will of God of love and God loves people. When we behave with Godly value and treat others well, we will deflect alot of the conflicts and problems. We also need to learn to develop people and let them go, because it is God’s people. Whatever our work we do because God put us in strategic positions, we have the ideas of bringing up, grooming up people and send them forth like building the Church of Christ. We need to learn to let people go even it brings pain, kicked the dust and betrayal, because we need to have a heart for God and God’s people and learn to forgive and let it go. In the end God will honor us because God is no one’s debtor.

We need to be like disguised missionary and witness for Christ Jesus in the workplace. But we need to change ourselves first before trying to transform others and hear from God as He leads. It is a learning journey and process that is tough when faced with financial results, accounts books and business strategies and savagely survival. God will honor us if we honor Him by living by Godly value and making a stand for God as mentioned in Colossians: 3. 23. whatsoever ye do, work heartily, as unto the Lord, and not unto men. The most important thing in life is to take time off and seek God for ourselves because it is the starting point. We need to be remind ourselves that we need to fear God more than person.

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