Bible Study On Right Perspective Of God

Luke 17:13 3 lappors shot out to Jesus from far away. Jesus master have merci on us. It showed their faith.  None of us are separated from God, if we have the right perseption of God.

Having a right perspective of Jesus, will determine your breakthroughs. If you treat Jesus as prophet, you go to him for prophecy. Because external perseption, determines professional results.

Jesus asked them to go show yourself to a priest,  so that the priest can examine the person’s flesh. In order to declare them clean. Because Jesus is asking them to take a step of faith.

A response sometimes comes before a release of breakthrough. But most people prefer that God show me first before I go.  It requires alot of faith in what God says against what is seen.

Journey is as important as the destination. As the went they were cleansed. Alot of us get caught up with things, until we forget the breakthrough. I.e. You will find your financial breakthrough as you give,  you find friends as you serve.

I am not there yet,  but I am on my way. On my way may be the secret of breakthrough. Because we are all God’s work in progress.

They said I am a Samaritan,  cos they though they do not deserve this. Cos the rest were Jews. 9 people sought after breakthrough,  but only 1 sought the master of breakthrough. If you accept Jesus as master, he will give you breakthrough by faith.

10 sought for breakthrough, but only 1 sought for relationship with the giver. Jesus said were there not 10 that was healed, except for 1 who came back with had faith, but your faith has made you well. Only relationship with God, can give you salvation to your soul. As the relationship is higher than the reward.