Bible Study On Transformation

John 2:1-10 tells story of changing water into wine.

7 Things (T’s)To Observe In Story

1. Trouble – They have no wine – in life things run out or crisis in life. There will always be trouble. Is how you respond to it. Cos challenges that grows us.

Look to Jesus in times of trouble. Like Jesus’s mother did. This important to have Jesus in your life in all times.

2. Timings – God always have timing and seasons, as mentioned by Jesus that is not his time yet. Not time yet not mean rejection.

We have to wait for God s timing.  It might be a long wait that it might not happen. But Jesus is a God of breakthrough.

3. Tank (vessel) – we are God’s vessel of transformation. God transformation us so that we can be transformers.

2 types of vessel of honour or dishonour.  Choose to be the later.

4. Thought Out – 6 big vessels. 6 represent man and flesh. Speaks of man being vessels.

Jesus asked that the vessels be  filled with water to the brim. Water represent the spirit and word. To see transformation in your life, we need to top up with Holy Spirit and Word of God regularly.

5. Totally (full) – Jesus ask to draw out wine and to pass to guests.  Freely you received, freely you give.

God wants us to live life to maximum. We need to fill up all 6 tanks and pour out maximum. Is Not ok to just do the minimum to avoid living on fine line.

God bless us to live abundantly in order for us to bless others. How little we can give God before we get into trouble. But we should maximize our minimum.

When we give all we have,  transformation happens. 1Kings 8:16 Ilijah and widow and little flour.

2Kings 4-1 tell story of Widow and oil vessel.

Matthew 25:1 story of 5 wise virgins. 1 brought extra. We should bring extra for God, cos it’s your best.

John 6:1 story of 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Jesus took the boy’s everything, but he return 12 baskets of extras.

6. Tested – every test is opportunity for testimony.  God is interested to know what you will leave behind.

God gives us tests to pass. So that we testimonies.

7. The End – Rom 8:28 all things will work together for good.  The end is always better than the beginning. It’s called Hope, it’s God’s plan and it’s a good ending.

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