Bible Study On Why Jesus: Heaven On Earth

Death of Jesus had no meaning unless we understand his Life.

Read the Bible in huge chunks, rather than reading small portions out of proportion. We should read our listen to audio in chunks.

Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. Luke 4:16 the spirit of the Lord is on me,  v.21 today the proclamation will be fulfilled today. Gospel is proclaime good news to the poor.

During Jewish Palestine, there are many people imprisoned because of poverty, facing injustice and in pain.

Isaiah 58:6-7 to loose the chains of injustice and break every Yoke. As also in Zach 9:16, Eze 16:49. God’s heart is poor the poor, marginalized and opposed. If we do not know him, how can we represent him.

Matt 25:34-36 I was a stranger and you invited me. Kingdom of God is Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus did not come to bring us to heaven,  he came to bring heaven on earth.

Matt 6:9-10 Your Kingdom come, thy will be done, in heaven and in on earth.  Kingdom of God is about God, God rule over Goods people.

Reality of God. They experience the reality of God through Jesus. We do not see the Kingdom of God because we are not manifesting them. Also mentioned in Like 11:9, Matt 10:7-8 The Kingdom of heaven has come near.

We are the ones to bring heaven on earth. Because Jesus had to manifest the presence of God personally.

Regain from transform Jesus message on political, social and transformational to be own personal morality. Let pray for Heaven on Earth by manifesting the reality of God.

Books for reading on treasure hunt. Treasure Hunt by Kevin Dedmon