Bible Study On Witnessing For Christ

Jesus Great Commission. Matt 28-19

Jesus promise of Holy Spirit. Acts 1-8

Witness means martys or go through suffering for Jesus

Jesus and Samaritan Woman. John 4:3-30

1 Jesus can witness at any time, even when resting or passing by. Jesus sees opportunities even unplanned.

2 Jesus loves people irrespective of race or cast (not racist). It’s a love for people that is pure.

3 Jesus can use sinners to witness.

4 Jesus diciples returning did not question him in approaching a Samaritan Woman (not sexist).

5 Jesus meet people’s needs by giving living water that shall not become thirsty.

6 Jesus uses changed lives as his witness.

Why is our motivation for witnessing be love? And how to make sure that our intention is always right?

Why changed life is the most effective witness for Christ? As there is no better testimonial than a changed life.

Reluctance to share and be a witnesses to God’s goodness is like crucifying Jesus on the cross again.