Bible Study On Restore To Me The Heart Of David And Joy Of Salvation

David has fell due to zina with another woman and had a baby.
Urayah refused to go home and stayed at King David gate and want killed in. battle. Despite David has fallen, God still loved him. Cos David did not worry about his Kingship, his prosperity, his privileges, his family and his reputation.

1Sam 13:14 God look for a man that is after His heart. Acts 15:16 I will rebuild the  tebanacle of David. Cos God want us to have the spirit of David, which is man that is after God.

A man that is really after God’s heart, can be seen in his prayer. It can be seen in David’s prayer points:
1. Psalm 51:10-12 create in me a clean heart O God. Lord never forsaken me or leave me.

Keep your heart pure and hands clean. To live this principles of David, will make your dual in God’s favor.

Psalm 24:3-4 he who had a clean heart and had not idolize idols. Eph 5:26 to sanctify us with water by God’s word.

Don’t compare yourself with others as it will always make you a saint. But in fact you have sinned in spite the difference in measure. Reflect yourself in a mirror to have a better picture of truth. Look into the Word Of God like mirror, may the Words of God cleanse me like spirit water.

2. Renew a steadfast in me O Lord. And renew a faithful spirit in me.

Faithfulness to God is most important to God. Cos God is faithful despite unfaithful us, the. sun still shines.

2. things can prevent renewal and miss a great calling is great sorrows and depression or quick success and fast rising.

3. Cast me not away from your presence. John 8:29 For I always do things that pleases God. When prophet Nathan pointed out that David has sinned,  David agreed and repented.

“Jesus is the Son of David” not other prophets.

Prayer points: I want your presence and Everything does not matter. Take not your Holy Spirit away from me. Restore to me the Joy of your salvation (cos Joy is the evidence of salvation). Uphold me and lift me up with your generous spirit.